License agreement

License agreement on use of the program «COVERT Pro»

 for computers running Windows.


Please read the terms of the following license agreement.

Any use of the program means the complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this license agreement.

If you do not accept the license agreement in full, you may not use the software for any purpose.

1. This license agreement (‘License’) establishes the conditions for the use of the «COVERT Pro» for computers running Windows (‘Program’) concluded between any person using the Program (User) and the company COVERT PRAGUE s.r.o. which is the holder of the exclusive right to the Program (Copyright Holder).

2. Using, installation it on any device or otherwise using the Program, User expresses his full and unconditional acceptance of these terms.

3. Registration and use of the Program is permitted only under the terms of this License. If User does not accept the terms of this License in full, User shall not use the Program for any purpose. Use of the Software in violation (failure) of any of the conditions of this License is prohibited. The program is designed for the protection of personal data, as well as its actions within a specific copy of Windows. All actions by User to change the Program are regarded as copyright infringement.

4. Use of the Program by User on the terms of this License for personal, non-commercial purposes is carried out after obtaining an individual registration key (key is valid only on the device for which it was created), generated on serial number-based, displayed in the registration window of the Program. Use the Program on terms and in a manner not permitted by this License is possible only on the basis of a separate agreement with KUMASERSOFT.

5. Using the Program, User agrees that the license and registration of the Program valid only on one copy, installed on the device, CD, or other USB – flash – the drive. To install the Program on another device, CD-ROM or other USB – flash – the drive will need a different license and another registration of the Program. (Individually generated key code-based, displayed in the registration window of the Program).

6. The exclusive right to the Program belongs to Copyright Holder. User accepts the terms of the License and obtains a unique registration key, receives a non-transferable right to use the Program on the term of validity of the License.

7. User has no right to distribute the Program in commercial purposes (including fee), including the collections of software products, without the written consent of Copyright Holder.

8. User has no right to distribute the Program in a form different from the one in which he got it, without the written consent of Copyright Holder.

9. The Program shall be used (including distribution) under the name «COVERT Pro». User has no right to modify the name of the Program or data on copyright owner’s rights.

10. Some of the Program functions are only possible with access to Internet. User shall receive and pay for such access on terms and at tariffs of your operator or Internet service provider.

11. User notified and agrees that the protection provided by the Program, it can get in full only if it were to follow all conditions of the License and instructions, provided by Copyright Holder to the functions of the Program.

12. The software is provided «as is». Copyright Holder does not grant any warranty as to the error-free and smooth operation of the Program or its individual components and / or functions, suitability for a particular purpose and expectations of User, safety file and / or User data, and offers no other warranty not expressly stated in this License.

13. Copyright Holder shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any use of or inability to use the Software and / or damage caused to User and / or third parties as a result of any use, non-use or inability to use the Software or its individual components, and / or function, including by possible errors or failures in the Program.

14. All questions and claims related to the use / inability to use the Program, as well as a possible violation of the law and / or the rights of third parties must be submitted in text form to the email address of the company owner.

15. This License applies to future updates / new versions of the Program until Copyright Holder cease unilaterally to provide such an opportunity. Installing updates / new versions of the Program, User accepts the terms of this License to relevant updates / new versions of the Program, if the update / install the new version of the Software is not accompanied by any other license agreement.

16. The License expiration date for this version of the Program is limited to technical factors (operabilityhealth) of his personal device, CD-ROM, USB – flash – the drive or loss of data registration in the system due to software intervention, with formatting of memory locations, which has been kept information on registration, or in other ways, which made impossible the use of registration obtained earlier.
By accepting the terms of this agreement, User confirms that he is aware of the fact that Copyright Holder shall not be liable for any loss of registration data of the Program and does not provide it (free of charge) again in order to avoid fraudulent acts on the part of the persons requesting re-register for the device on which the registration was not was done.

17. The Program offers functionality for exchanging messages through the servers that are indicated by User. Copyright Holder provides test server for messaging and temporary storage. Access to the servers and memory for storing messages is free for users. Copyright Holder shall not be responsible for the smooth operation of test servers, and may at any time, unilaterally close the access to them.