About messenger

COVERT Pro already protects its users from unauthorized access to data when they are working in a secure environment. But when you send your data to someone, it becomes vulnerable and could be intercepted by attackers.
We have decided to remedy this situation and developed new secure instant messenger. This is the most secure messaging app, because it runs inside the platform COVERT Pro. Every message that you send from your computer is encrypted with your encryption key. Of course, the receiver of your message must know this key. You can agree on some system, and regularly, even for each message, change your encryption key.

After sending, the message is stored encrypted on the server, which parameters can be changed in the program settings. This is another difference of our messenger from already known on the market. We recommend you to specify your server in the settings of the messenger. This is a very simple operation, if you have a website or server on a hosting. You control it better, and you can change this server as often as you want. If you have not configured your server yet, message will be sent using our server which we provide free to all users as a test.

When the recipient opens your message, it is automatically deleted from the server, so even if attackers will take your server under control, they will have no access even to your encrypted messages. And if you sometimes change your server, hacking is even more complicated, because attackers do not know where your server is.

In addition to reliable protection from reading the message at the time of writing, our messenger is different from existing ones because it doesn’t require registration. The address for communication is the serial number of the installed COVERT Pro. If you install COVERT Pro on a flash drive, you can send and receive encrypted messages everywhere. After inserting this USB flash drive in any PC and choosing “secure correspondence” feature, you will get all the messages that have been sent to you by other messenger’s users. No registration with username and password. Your personal data and messages are not stored anywhere. Even if your message will be intercepted and deciphered by experienced specialists, it is unknown who sent it and to whom.

It is important to note that the correspondence history is not stored on the user’s computer. As soon as he/she closes the program, all correspondence will be deleted. We did it because we know how spyware steal information from the history of popular instant messengers. If you use secure correspondence within COVERT Pro platform, no one will ever know what and to whom you wrote. This is the absolute confidentiality.

Video about messenger with encryption can be found here https://covert-pro.com/video/.