Update to versions x.x.2.16

Following changes were made:

– Added function to collect technical information when you click “Take a window screenshot” in the registration dialog. The function is used to identify your computer after loss of registration data in case you reinstall the operating system. If you take advantage of it before reinstalling the OS and send the data to the customer support then you can get a new registration key free. This feature allows you to get free new registration key after formatting flash, if before formatting the data have been sent to technical support.

– Additional link to display help has been inserted in the “About the program”.

– Added function to control the sound system inside the platform. With it you can not only control the sound level, but on and off speakers and microphones. There are cases when spyware programs turns on a microphone and record sound in a room where the computer is located. To access this feature, you must press F2.

– Polish language has been added to the program and the installer.

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