Protection of the remote user

Protection of the remote user is a problem for companies. Many companies today use the services of freelancers who work remotely, and many more companies allow their employees to work remotely – from home or on a business trip. Therefore, a rapidly growing number of mobile users of information systems and freelance teleworker. In modern language even appeared neologisms – telecommuter and teleworker.

If the connection issues resolved, the issues of information security of the remote user are on the first place.

Typically, for remote workers organizations use the following security mechanisms:

  • •    robust user authentication;
  • •    Access Control System;
  • •    tools of establishing VPN;
  • •    tools of confrontation against attacks;
  • •    tools for security analysis of this service.

We shall not cover the issues of authentication and security of transmitted data. There are a lot of good resources on the subject online.

We want to attract the attention of corporate executives and departments of information security to the protection of the computer from which employees have access to the corporate network.

The remote user’s computer must be free from spyware, otherwise everything that remote worker sees on his screen and all the data that he enters on the keyboard, will be visible for the owner of spyware.

Protection from spyware by traditional methods are not very effective. Here we need a comprehensive approach using the method of masking from spyware.