Masking method

The most reliable method against spyware – masking action of computer user. Its essence lies in the creation of a secure platform within which any user can run their applications, while remaining invisible to the spies.

Search for unknown spyware on disk is ineffective because they are not in the databases. Analyze the code or behavior is also pointless – it is not known who and for what purpose carries inherent action for spies.

And one more nuance. In reference books for malicious code you can found such category of software, as Riskware. It includes legal software that can harm your computer, if used by hackers for deletion, blocking, modification or copying data, and to disrupt computers and networks. Antivirus either block them or allow to work in full mode. I.e. if the program is legitimate and it is authorized to work, but it is used for improper purposes against the user, than antivirus does not protect from it.

Anyway, if you need to sit down at the computer and do something important, then why waste your time on studying the contents of the disk, where it can be tens of thousands of files?

Method of masking allows you to avoid wasting time and jump to the work, regardless of the degree of purity of the computer from spyware.

What you write in email and instant messaging, what you see on the screen, what sites are visited, what usernames and passwords to enter – all this spyware will not be able to see.

Masking method allows you to hide your work at the computer without removing spy. This can be useful in situations where you want to fool owner of spy progam.

Examples of camouflage from known spyware.

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