COVERT Pro – new philosophy of data protection:
  • No matter whether your computer has a malware
  • No matter whether you are an experienced user
  • It is important that your work at the computer becomes invisible to the spyware

User of antispyware COVERT Pro gets:

Effective protection. It does not depend on signature database updates
One version for USB you can protect all your Windows computers and tablets
Free upgrade to the new version
Built-in messenger with encryption
Save time because they do not need to scan the hard drive
Compliant with any Antivirus
Do not need access to the Internet to create a platform of protection

Why Covert Pro is more efficient than
traditional methods of protection

  • Signature-based detection methods do not provide effective protection against new spyware
  • Heuristic analysis is not effective because of the large number of false positives
  • Emulation code takes too much time and computer resources, which adversely
    affects the performance
  • Behavioral analysis can not conclusively assess the legitimacy of standard
    actions to intercept keyboard input and screenshoting
  • Sandboxing – restricted privileges implementation too difficult for the average user,
    who must constantly evaluate all processes on the computer
  • COVERT effective against new spyware
  • No false positives
  • Does not hinder your computer
  • Does not give spyware intercept
    and remove the entry screen
  • COVERT provides 90% protection
    against spyware without additional configuration
  • 1

    Download the installer

  • 2

    Install on your computer or flash drive

  • 3

    Pay for the registration key

  • 4

    Send the serial number of installed version to us

  • 5

    Obtain your registration key and register the program

  • 6

    That is all. Now you are invisible to the spyware

You can get an idea about the functionality from Video tutorials “Introducing COVERT”

We offer portable version and for PC
Provides confidential work on one computer and has built-in messenger with encryption. All user actions in all applications (browsers, email clients, editors, messaging programs, etc.) are safely hidden. It has user interface in five languages: English, German, Italian, Polish and Czech.
USB Pro_228x252
COVERT Pro USB has the same functionality as the COVERT Pro, but installs on a flash drive and can protect user’s work on any Windows PC. You can connect this USB flash drive to unlimited number of PCs.

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